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Wunderbar Pet Sitting and Dog Walking understands the importance of knowing your pets are safe at home while you are away. You can leave your pet in our capable hands and know they will be well taken care of. We offer many services to meet your needs.


Whether we visit two to four times a day for your puppy, or once or twice a day for your kitten - we will play, walk, brush and of course feed and give them fresh water. We are there to make your furry friend happy and comfortable.





• Your pet receives love and personal attention and is happily awaiting to greet you when you return.

• Minimizes exposure to illnesses of other animals.

• Eliminates the trauma or hassles of being transported.



For those who are away from their pets for long hours, set up a schedule to give your dog a midday break for some exercise and personal people time.


Our love and care extends far beyond dogs & cats. Leaving your farm for a while? Let us step in and make the rounds for you. We'll feed, exercise, and pamper all animals!


If you have a pet that has a vet or grooming appointment, we'll make sure they make it there in a safe and timely manner.




Wunderbar Pet Sitting is proud to be into its second decade serving pets and their owners all across the New Braunfels area. Wunderbar was founded back in 2005 with the idea that pets are happiest and healthiest when left "Safe At Home." In fact, Safe At Home was the original name of the company. Owners Karla and Shane Roch and their team of professional sitters have built their service from a next door neighbor's golden retriever and an elderly country dachshund to a roster of hundreds of active clients, whose needs range from daily dog walks to weekends away to monthlong vacations.  


The benefits of in-home pet sitting have been proven over the years, and Wunderbar is proud to deliver on this. The safety, health, and well-being of your pets, and the security of your home are the dual priorities of our business. Your dog or cat will benefit immensely from being allowed to remain in its comfortable, familiar environment while you are away. And the presence of our team throughout the day also provides deterrent measures to help maintain the security of your home. 


Wunderbar team members are also knowledgeable in medication administration, and may be trained in first aid and pet CPR to ensure your pets' medical needs are covered while you are away. 

In addition, Wunderbar's background-checked team of sitters protects your home and pets with property coverage and bonding, ensuring your peace of mind while you are away. 

Wanna know more about us? Karla and Shane are longtime residents of New Braunfels.  Pets and pet care have always been a part of their lives. Karla has a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and Shane is a Graduate of Texas State University.  Their young daughter attends school in New Braunfels. Their brood of pets includes their Lab/mutt Daisy (13), and kitties Shorty (13) and Kenny (11), as well as their clients’ pets, who are immediately adopted as new family at first sight!



If you would like to schedule a consultation appointment, or have any additional questions, please contact us. We are happy to help you.



Everyday   7am - 9pm

Monday - Friday   9am - 4pm

Saturday   9am - 2pm

Please leave a voicemail if you are unable to reach us. We may just be out on a walk with a furry friend!


Message sent!

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